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12 Golden Rules for Musky Fishing Success

By: Spence Petros It was a long drive and longtime friend Jim Saric and I had a lot of catching up to do. Family, friends, where we had been fishing, future excursions, and new spots with big fish potential were all discussed as we headed north to Lake of the Woods for Musky Hunter’s AnnualContinue Reading

When to Troll or Cast

By: Spence Petros I view casting verses trolling like a carpenter putting together a house. A skilled craftsman might be able to do it with six specific tools. But if he had a dozen different tools, the work would probably be done faster, better, and more efficiently. Same with musky fishing. By combining both castingContinue Reading

When Big Muskies go Shallow

By: Spence Petros It was one of those beautiful late October days you dream about. A classic “Indian summer” day. The fall turnover had occurred several weeks earlier, but now air temperatures had climbed into the mid-60’s, and sun-drenched skies were spreading a warm glow over chilled waters that had been in the high 40-degreeContinue Reading

How to Catch More Big Muskies

By: Spence Petros We’ve all heard the standard answers numerous times. Fish waters that are known to have big fish. Learn the peak times to work those waters to tilt the odds a little more in your favor. Pay attention to moon phases and activity periods. Concentrate on spots having water movement from wind orContinue Reading

Two Great Musky Lakes

By: Spence Petros There are a lot of prime musky waters in North America ,and many of them are in northwest Ontario. Just about every resort owner will sing the phrases of their own body of water, and naturally, they all have “world record” fish. But putting all the bull aside, where are the bestContinue Reading

Slop Muskies

By: Spence Petros As editor of Fishing Facts magazine for 22 years, and being in the middle of the structure fishing revolution, I avidly taught and practiced the principles of structure fishing. Mostly I fished the deep edges of structure and cover for muskies, but had no qualms about going to adjacent shallower cover, orContinue Reading

Over looked Musky Hide-outs

By: Spence Petros Several slow days of action had our group of musky anglers pretty discouraged. Sure it was a late spring and weed growth was way behind, but it was mid June, warm and sunny, and those Canadian muskies had to be active somewhere. Besides, they hadn’t seen a lure in at least 7Continue Reading

Is This Our Most Underrated Musky Lure?

By: Spence Petros What family of lures catches more muskies than any other? I’m not talking about your favorite lure, or what any given person would consider the best lure–just the style that puts more muskies in the boat spring, summer or fall, for more people than any other lure.The answer–the “bucktail”. Straight-shaft spinners catchContinue Reading

Being Mechanically Perfect

By Spence Petros You would think that just because a person is a musky angler, he or she would know more about the basics than the average angler. After all, anyone who fishes for the ultimate freshwater trophy has to be fairly accomplished. While the average musky angler may be a cut above the rest,Continue Reading