Shoreline and Dock Fishing!

by Captain Marty Papke

On Little Bay de Noc and Big Bay de Noc, Michigan much of the fishing is done by boat fisherman. This doesn’t mean the shore angler can’t be successful. Lets look at these ideas on your next trip to our Bays water. Anglers love to fish piers. Beachfront piers, public piers and shorelines are noted throughout our areas and draw all kinds of fishermen young and old at this time of year because they attract all kinds of fish.

A fishing pier provides submerged structure and many are lit at night which also helps lure in a lot of fish to the insects and small fish they attract. If a pier is fished by a lot of people who tend to lose a lot of bait, it becomes a baited hole for the fish. A shoreline to with extruding points containing rock, sand or weed growth attracts good concentrations of game fish.

Around the docks of the harbors of the Escanaba or Gladstone to the fishing piers in Kipling not to mention the areas off the Fayette Park, Garden Bays along with Nahma on Big Bay de Noc also shoreline areas of the Escanaba, Days, Rapid, Whitefish, Ford and Cedar Rivers they all attract fish species. Walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, panfish along with perch and splake. Panfish without question are the most sought after species especially with the young fisher kids, but you adult fisherman don’t overlook these places for some great game fishing!

So just because you may not have a boat or even if you do give some dock fishing a try on your next Little Bay de Noc excursion.

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